Hastings has a new restaurant!

After 6 years of talking about it, we have finally added a restaurant to the ever popular Hotel.  ‘Pier Nine’ at Zanzibar has been open 3 months, and is now fully up to

Restaurants Hastings

speed in time for Christmas and New Year.  The food is contemporary British with a gourmet twist.  The atmosphere is very relaxed and the waiting staff are warm and friendly.We had a good look at other restaurants in Hastings and just decided there were very few places that ticked all the boxes.  You can go to certain places for good food but they are a bit dull atmosphere wise.  Equally you will find places where the atmosphere is good, but they’re lacking on food quality.  At Pier Nine restaurant we’ve feel we’ve managed to cover all the angles.  We have a sea view from one end of the dining room and a beautiful garden at the other.  The early feedback we’re getting is generally very good.  In terms of food, we use suppliers local to the area, and we are in the process of putting together a list of local wines from some of the very best vintners in the South East.

If you’re thinking of coming to Hastings for a night or two, have a look at our ‘hotel dinner, bed & breakfast’ deals.  We have some great special offers on that include complimentary 3 course dinner on the first night of your stay in the hotel.   We are happy to serve the meals in the comfort of your own room too.